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Dissecting Disinformation in Nigeria: An Overview of CDD’s Work So Far

With many of the world’s populations in lockdown, or living with restricted
freedom of movement, it is a good time to reflect on the present, evaluate the past, and look towards the future.

The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) is taking time to reflect on its journey in fighting disinformation by looking at some of our key work in this area, and meditating on both the current state of affairs, and where to go next.

Disinformation is a relatively new term, but it refers to a practice as old as time. The dissemination of false information through modern channels using the internet is what marks out the disinformation of today. CDD began working on countering disinformation five years ago.

Our first foray was through the Buharimeter, a platform that was designed to measure accountability by tracking the (in)congruence between Nigerian President Buhari’s campaign promises and actions in office.